4 Creative Ways To Have The Ultimate Staycation

Now that weather is turning colder, the holidays are approaching and everyone is making travel plans for the end of the year. Itineraries may include which relatives to visit (which to avoid!) or where to plan a relaxing vacation to (because you worked hard all year and you deserve it!). The truth is, not everyone can afford to travel during the holidays. Sometimes it’s a matter of savings, or time constraints, or some people just want to relax at home instead of bustling to go somewhere, and that’s understandable as well. Personally I love traveling, but it’s not always in the cards for my family and I. Over the years I have had many amazing vacations to all-inclusive resorts, and I figured out how to enjoy similar experiences and indulgences at home on staycation. Never heard of a staycation? It’s a growing trend where you take time off of work and you stay home and relax instead of traveling and spending a lot of money. Think of it as the modern equivalent of a mental health day or mental health week, with advanced planning. Speaking of planning, you have to do SOME planning for this to turn out extraordinary. Fabulousness … Continue reading 4 Creative Ways To Have The Ultimate Staycation